Who We Are

A slower path...

A few years ago, I realized it was time to make a change. I haven’t always made sustainable clothing choices. After years of working in fast paced fashion, I began to listen to the messages of slow fashion. Maybe it was the backstories of how pieces actually made it to someone’s closet. Maybe it was the excess of plastic each piece was wrapped in. Whatever it was, it compelled me to find a different path, a slower path. 

 That path became Slow Soul Life. 

About Slow Soul Life

To us, “slow” is a way of life. A way to form a deeper relationship with the world around us, whether it be with people, art, food, or clothing. At Slow Soul Life we embrace this lifestyle and we love sharing it with you no matter where you are in your sustainable journey. 
We draw inspiration from the creative process of every designer, building a connection between you and the clothing. When you wear our clothing, whether it’s from our private label or from one of our other designers, we hope you'll share your experience with others to promote more awareness of sustainable fashion practices and how we can all make an impact. 

Conscious clothing

Each collection we select is created with slow and ethical intentions. We understand that fashion has not reached 100% sustainability, but we honor the progress in the industry and we are happy to be a part of the growth.    

Stories behind the clothing

From the day the first thread is sewn to the last day you wear it, there’s a story in every piece. That’s why we make the creative process as transparent as possible so you can know every part of your clothing’s journey. 

Progress over perfection

We know the words “ethical” or “sustainable” clothing can be intimidating. We’re not here to shame or preach. We’re here to help you make thoughtful fashion choices and we hope to provide a little education along the way. 

Intentional community 

We believe we’re stronger together than we are on our own, so we make a point of fostering community amongst customers, designers, creatives, organizations, and other business owners.